LGB Productions devised the strategy and implementation of a National Walk to School Day (WTSD) Campaign to promote physical activity in alignment with the CDC’s Healthy People 2020. The campaign included: WTSD Twitter Chat; webinars, print ads, press releases and radio interviews resulting in media coverage reaching 27 million views on television, radio, news websites, and social media.


LGB Production’s social media strategy for the Directors of Health Promotion and Education produced significant growth on all platforms. LGB Productions was not only able significantly enlarge DHPE’s reach but also consistently keep its audience engaged as well. The result was magnificent social media growth on all platforms within 18 months:

  • 70% Growth on Facebook;
  • 77% Growth on Twitter
  • 700% Growth on the new Instagram account that we created for them!

Video PSA’s Get the Message Out

Under DHPE’s participation in the CDC’s Partnering4Health project, Leris Media scripted and directed three #Choose2BHealthy video public service announcements (PSAs) about the WIC’s Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program featuring Crescent City WIC Services. These PSAs highlight how Farmers’ Markets provide fresh fruits and vegetables resources for mothers of young children; stimulate local economies through retail revenue; and support local communities by fostering community partnerships and clinical linkages.

Leris Media then conducted a national press and social media campaign that reached 190 media outlets. The PSA’s were placed on television stations throughout the state of Louisiana. Confirmed, actual impressions exceed 22,025,000. These videos are evergreen and available for public distribution.

Eat Right – Long Life #Choose2BHealthy PSA

WIC Farmers Market Coupons #Choose2BHealthy PSA

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