We here at LERIS Media specialize in using digital marketing to stimulate business development. We engage your clients, generate leads for new business, develop new sales content and identify potential products.

LERIS Media’s digital marketing services consist of dynamic and engaging social media content: Twitter Chats, virtual and live events, advertisements and press releases resulting in media coverage reaching millions of views on news channel websites, radio and social media.

The use of social media is the fastest way to increase your corner of the market. Through social media and a good email distribution system, you can communicate with your current clients and engage new ones!

LERIS Media has achieved great success in building and managing our clients’ social media presence in their markets. In 18 months we increased one client’s Facebook audience by 70% and their Twitter Followers by 77%!

LERIS Media Practices Organic Growth on all of our client’s social media platforms by providing

  • Social media postings during peak hours
  • Branded content
  • Twitter chat management
  • Steady audience engagement
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Live streaming and social media coverage of conferences and exhibitions
  • And more!

We give your audience solid content that speaks to their industry and business needs.


LERIS Media is an intrinsic part of your marketing department – we will do as little or as much as you wish. We are good listeners and good anticipators of your needs.

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About Leris

LERIS Media is a Marketing & Public Relations Production Firm that specializes in brand promotion through media campaigns, social media and promotional events. This is accomplished with media and marketing tools such as: the development of print and electronic marketing materials, the production of commercials, online advertising, effective social media strategies, the elicitation of media coverage and event planning.