Market Development

Market Development


We here at LERIS Media specialize in using comprehensive marketing strategies to stimulate business development. Our marketing campaigns are an integration of the: 

  • development of print and electronic marketing materials
  • traditional media campaigns through TV, Radio, Podcasts, and Newspapers
  • email communication platforms
  • social media campaigns that increase website traffic. 

Through this multi-faceted approach, LERIS Media enables our clients to achieve their performance goals.

LERIS Media is skillful in market expansion through the identification of new markets for our clients. Heightened public awareness within new markets is a key factor to customer and sponsorship growth. We generate leads for new business, increase sales and identify customer needs with communications content that engages your target market.

LERIS Media’s digital marketing services consist of dynamic and engaging social media content, Twitter Chats, effective email communications, virtual and live events, advertisements and press releases resulting in media coverage reaching millions of views on news channel websites, radio and social media that, most importantly, convert to sales. 

  • Email Communication Management 
  • Twitter Chats
  • Facebook and Instagram Lives and Stories
  • video production
  • digital advertisements
  • live streamed events 
  • press releases resulting in media coverage 

We give your audience solid content that speaks to their industry and marketing needs.

Email Communications

An email database is one of the best ways to convert your past connections to future customers and faithful followers. LERIS Media’s email distribution services include:

  • Database Creation
  • Website and Landing Page Subscriber Forms
  • Email Campaign Design and Execution
  • Email and Social Media Integrations
  • MailChimp and Constant Contact Training

The use of social media is the fastest way to increase your corner of the market. Through social media and a compelling email messaging, you can communicate with your current clients and engage new ones!  

But the challenge is that managing the necessary multiple social media platforms is time-consuming. It really is!  It’s quite easy for your staff to get weighed down.  

Instead, free them up to concentrate on strategizing and performing your client deliverables. Let LERIS Media preserve your message while growing your social media accounts for your company with our social media management services.  [READ MORE]


In this digital age, videos are no longer an exception. They are a staple in any marketing plan. LERIS Media offers in-house video production services. Whether it be a branded Facebook/Instagram Live to a TV commercial, we can create that content for you. [READ MORE ]

LERIS Media is an intrinsic part of your marketing department – we will do as little or as much as you wish. We are good listeners and good anticipators of your needs.

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We help small businesses and nonprofits attract the attention of their desired audience with media campaigns, digital marketing and social media management that raises their visibility and enables them to
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