About Us

About Us

LERIS Media is a Marketing & Public Relations Production Firm for small businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and even other PR Firms.  We serve our clients by implementing their public relations strategies and coordinating the production of their marketing tasks. The results are effective communications strategies that provide our clients with more time to meet performance deadlines and dedicated customer care.

We help businesses and non-profits who are struggling with Being Heard Above the Noise increase revenue by providing strategic and effective communication plans that include media campaigns, digital marketing and social media management.

Leris G. Bernard tapped into her love for the arts to design LERIS Media, a Marketing and Public Relations Firm, that partners with corporations, associations and private organizations to use all genres of the fine arts to educate and inspire our global communities. 

From our expertise in identifying and reaching new market sectors, we believe that good marketing and public relations propel our clients to the foreground of their selected target market.  

We believe that a good marketing campaign is multi-faceted and inclusive so that minority communities do not feel left out of the conversation. We believe that you have not reached your target market until you have touched every corner of that market.

Our experience has shown that a strong media relations campaign is the best way to be seen by a large number of future customers. 

We have proven that a comprehensive marketing strategy creates sales opportunities. And we know that Every Company Needs More Sales. 

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LERIS Media is a Marketing & Public Relations Production Firm that specializes in brand promotion through media campaigns, digital communications and community outreach. We design and implement your marketing strategies to deliver increased public awareness and the accomplishment of your sales goals.