Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural Marketing

As companies stampede to find good seating in the corporate responsibility space of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility, many are stymied by questions about the best way to implement their new initiatives.

  • Have you stepped out into the waters of DEI only to find that you are not sure how to show up authentically and communicate in a culturally sensitive way with your customers and employees?
  • Have you tried to diversify your company’s marketing efforts but you still don’t see a noticeable response from the pursued demographic?
  • Is your company interested in doing business with multicultural markets but not confident in the authenticity of the voice in your messaging or which media outlets to use to distribute that message?

LERIS Media has seen companies take a traditional approach to diversity which was to throw different people into one pot and send the same message to everyone. Or even, to change the imaging and send the same message back out. But in truth, by being non-distinct, they didn’t have as large of an impact as they had forecasted.

LERIS Media authentically connects companies with targeted cultural markets.

LERIS Media aims to increase market acquisition for its corporate and non-profit clients by designing multicultural communications in dual-language campaigns to create cultural connections with targeted markets. For us, a multicultural marketing campaign is only successful if it speaks the language, both culturally and verbally, of the targeted market. An important piece of our communication plans has been the translation of information to the language of the communities that we desire to reach.

Leris G. Bernard

“We have really been focusing our efforts on multicultural communications. Making sure that life-saving health information reaches every corner of America, particularly, underserved and marginalized communities. The agency works extensively to reach those communities by creating campaigns for all races and creeds.

Our very first multicultural campaign was written for the Chinese American community. Within the past year, our agency created four multi-city media campaigns with articles, print and digital ads written in their respective languages for Korean American, Pacific Islander American, Hispanic / Latinx American and Native American populations”, Leris Bernard

Multicultural Campaigns

Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Campaign

Asian Campaign Collage

Approximately 392,000 Korean Americans were reached through the publication of a seizure first aid poster and COVID-19 article in The Korea Times. Regions of reach included New York, D.C., Chicago, Seattle, and Hawaii. Both the article and Ad were translated to Korean to reach those who had never previously had access to this information!

Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign

Hispanic Campaigns

Disease is a topic of conversation that is often avoided by minority communities. Getting health prevention messages past the walls of stigma, take an extra effort. LERIS Media has used multiple Hispanic media platforms to disseminate health messaging to Hispanic communities. We have used Hispanic newspapers, radio, podcasts, Facebook Lives, and social media campaigns to bring messages written in both Spanish and English to a viewership of 69,717,295. 

Native American Campaign

NAHM Campaign

LERIS Media designed the Epilepsy Foundation’s first campaign targeted toward the Native American community. It spoke to Native Americans in both English and Tribal languages throughout the southwest and great plains of America. The images were Native American and, most importantly, the media outlets were Native American. The total Views of the campaign through print newspaper Ads and articles; radio, PSA’s, digital news and social media was 1,665,000.

Essence Campaign

Essence Campaign

LERIS Media has implemented health prevention campaigns in African American communities in all four corners of the nation. We were also thrilled to negotiate an excellent multi-media package with Essence Magazine that included: an article, “Making A Difference”, print ad, digital ads and social media participation by Essence Magazine to provide national dissemination of epilepsy awareness information.

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