LERIS Media presents at the PR News CSR Social Impact Summit

An Inside Look: Reaching Native Americans Where They Are for National Epilepsy Awareness Month’

Often, a company’s approach to diversity is to throw different people into one pot and send the same message to everyone. But in truth, by being non-specific, you often don’t get the impact that you were expecting. If you take the general media route for a campaign, smaller demographics won’t feel seen and as a result won’t respond. Once you determine your target market, it is just as important to ensure that you are speaking the language of that market. You want to make sure that your message is resonating in line with their culture.

For November 2020, LERIS Media created a campaign for the Epilepsy Foundation to celebrate National Epilepsy Awareness Month while simultaneously recognizing Native American Heritage Month. The Foundation ran multiple messages that month, but this campaign spoke to Native Americans in both English and Tribal languages. The images were Native American and, most importantly, the media outlets were Native American. The total Views of the campaign through print newspaper Ads and articles; radio, PSA’s, digital news and social media was 1,665,000. Currently, the total population of Native Americans in this United States is 5 million people. This campaign reached 33% of them throughout the southwest and great plains of America.

We Thank PR News for inviting us to speak at the CSR Social Impact Summit about how to effectively bring life-saving information to all people.  Because truly, we are all in this together.

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